How to Make Money Making Bath Bombs Part 1

Hello everyone, my name is Steve Nelson Jr, I am a cereal entrepreneur in Hannibal, Missouri, I'm the creator of the Bath Bomb Solutions™ pneumatic bath bomb press, as well as the founder of Kwik Colors™, a distributor of batch certified bath bomb colors.  My wife and I own a wholesale distribution company where you can purchase all your ingredients & supplies for making bath bombs, soaps and other products, and we have 5 brands of products that we make to sell in our online and brick and mortar shop. Total we have 4 businesses and 10 brands in the handmade cosmetic industry.  We also own successful businesses in other industries and states around the United States. We have a proved track record of being able to start businesses from scratch and build them into successful ventures that bring both jobs to the community, as well provide income to support our family.

I decided to start this blog to help others who are already in this industry, or who are looking to get into this industry.  One of the things that I love so much about this industry is how creative you get to be.  The more creative you are, the better off your are, usually.  Along with being creative, you need to understand your numbers, and you're pricing.  You can not successfully run any business without knowing your numbers.  And that's just the start.  You must know your target market, how you are going to reach that market, who your competitors are, and what you are going to do to differentiate your business from theirs.

Throughout this blog I will teach you how to figure out your costs, how to price your product so you are making the profit you want and NEED to grow and sustain your business for years to come.  I will teach you how to build a brand, about building a Social Media presents, how to delegate so you don't get overwhelmed with issues that are not your strongest areas.

This is not going to be the magic fix all, you will not read this blog then all of the sudden your shop will be doing well. That's not how this works.  You are going to have to work, and work hard. You are going to have to set clear defined goals, then break those goals down and work backwards, to create a forward moving path, to follow to achieve those goals.

To me, my success is not measured by how much money is in my bank account, to me, my success is measured by how many other people I can help to become successful.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, please feel free to share it with your friends & other makers you think may benefit from it. Look forward to one to two posts per week, as well as videos on our YouTube Channel & Facebook.

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